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About Mike McFarland!

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Much like all fishermen, Mike's father started taking him fishing when he was 4 years old. Mike became enamored with fishing by watching the old time greats on TV (Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Jimmy Houston, and Hank Parker). At 13 years old, Mike started his own bass club where he competed with kids in the neighborhood in small bass tournaments where the kids just walked the bank. Little did he know this was just the beginning of something that grew to be very big.

Mike is a man of the lord and is certainly not shy about thanking him for allowing him to do his two favorite things...Fishing and Teaching. Not only will you catch fish but more importantly you will learn about the habits of bass and how to pattern fish so that you'll be able to make many more memories on your own after spending a day on the water with Mike.

Fishing Experience

In 2006, Mike began fishing just about every tournament that was within a decent driving distance from his Arizona home. He has competed in some of the largest tournaments on the west coast including the FLW tournaments whenever they had a stop in the ares. Mike is very well known out west and has competed in the U.S. Open on Lake Mead and has always performed very well.

In 2012 Mike had a calling to move out to Lake Fork and spent the entire first year fishing the lake everyday learning all he could learn from the great fishery. Mike has recorded over 120 bass over 10 pounds and has put a lot of people from beginner to experts on these big fish.

Meet my team

Lake Fork Marina & Motel

Lake Fork Marina & Motel is a full service fishing resort serving their guests for over 30 years with the finest accommodations. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is on hand to help make sure your stay is enjoyable and to provide you with the outstanding service we are famous for. The facility is located about mid-lake on the west arm of the lake making it convenient to fish either up or down the lake and is complete with all the amenities.

The Original Rod Sox

Rod Sox™ was created by pros that love fishing and want to spend as much time fishing when they're on the water as possible. Rod Sox™ has a proprietary unique feature, a snag proof, hook resistant rubber type mouth making loading and unloading your rods quick and easy. Tired of untangling your fishing rods, and the tangled mess inside your rod locker? They have the solution for you...The Original Rod Sox™ that covers your rod and keeps everything in place so your fishing rod is ready to use when you need it.

Tightlines UV

TIGHTLINES has created the next generation of fishing tackle with the invention of “Ultimate Vision” through TIGHTLINES new Nano-Infused Polymerization (NIP) Technology. Bass don’t have the UV filters like that of the human eye. That’s why they prefer darkness to bright sunlight. Therefore, the only way that Bass can protect their eyes from UV degradation is by retreating to shady areas such as stumps, submerged logs, vegetation, floating lily-pads, etc. “Ultimate Vision” is an ultraviolet (UV) vision enhancer that is focused on the wavelength of light that Bass use the most to search out their prey, but is transparent to fishermen’s eyes.

Reel Time Rods

Let them build a custom rod made just for you. They have a number of name brand blanks for you to choose from, or you can choose one of their stock blanks. Choose the color of thread or you can even go with a rattlesnake or cobra skin design. Place your name in the rod so everyone knows it's yours. Choose the grip that's right for you, they use all high quality grips, eyes, and reel seats.

Lake Fork Trophy Lures

Lake Fork Trophy Lures Corporate headquarters is located just a few miles from the shores of renown Lake Fork at the corner of Hwy 69 and 515. The site is also a retail store. No trip to Lake Fork is complete unless you stop by and browse the products in the store and meet the Owner, Ronnie Parker who is always at the front counter to meet and greet you with the friendliest service that you'll ever experience.

Tiffany's Restaurant

There is a very good chance that prior to hitting the lake and chasing those big Lake Fork Giants, we will meet at Tiffany's restaurant for an amazing breakfast. If you're doing a half day trip, Tiffany's is also a great stop to get one of their awesome double burgers that will surely satisfy even the biggest of appetites. If you decide to do a full day, you can choose an entree from their complete dinner menu.

Santone Lures

Santone Lures is a Texas-based lure manufacturer striving to provide the best quality products and customer service on the market and their products are completely 100% Made in the USA.

Jay Hodge Chevrolet

If you're interested in a car or truck and are in the Lake Fork area, give the friendly folks at Jay Hodge Chevrolet a call. Their personable sales staff are ready to help you into your new or used car and make the process as smooth as possible.