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Mike McFarland

Fishing Equipment

We provide all the best equipment for our customers

Click the spinning reel on the left to see all of the equipment we will be using. Only the best rods, reels, and tackle will be used.

Where to Stay

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There are so many great resorts and marinas on Lake Fork. Here are some of the ones I recommend.

All about bass

There so much to know about bass fishing.

I've been fishing for bass my entire life and I'm still learning about these amazing predators. More and more information is found out about these fish almost every day.

Where We Fish

Lake Fork is an amazing fishery but it's not the ONLY lake.

I am a Lake Fork Guide, but there are many lakes in the area with many really big fish. Click HERE to view a list of the other available lakes.

Fishing any time of the year


In the winter, the water temps will be low and the bass will be lethargic. Considering bass tend to migrate to warmer water during this time of year, we would most likely find fish in the deeper areas of the lake. You'll learn how to use your electronics to locate fish and also how to tell when you're looking at a school of bass and not crappie or sandies.


Spring at Lake Fork is one of the best times to go fishing. Fish are coming up from the depths and starting to look for spawning areas. As they do this, I'll show you how to find fish in the shallows and specific techniques when sight fishing. Also, we can catch them on a variety of baits during this time from jigs to frogs.


Much like the winter, the bigger summertime bass are found in deeper water. The techniques to find fish in the summer with the electronics are very similar to how it's done in the winter. Although some of the summertime bass will be found in areas near deep water and not just deep water.


This season is my favorite time to fish. As the fish realize that winter is just around the corner, they will begin to feed and fatten up for the winter. During this time, we could find them cruising the shallows hunting for food or schooling up offshore. It's a great time especially if you're looking for good numbers of fish...and at Fork, they could be GIANTS.

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